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What happens to the plastic of capsules after we eat it?

Author:亚洲淀粉胶囊和原料有限公司 Click:70 Time:2018-06-13 21:23:21


Satyandra Vadavalli

Satyandra Vadavalli, Entrepreneur and Management Professional.

Answered Jul 3, 2017 · Author has 56 answers and 94.8k answer views

The Capsule Shell is not made of Plastic. It is made of bio degradable material extracted from animals and plants.


There are two types of Shells for Capsules.


Hard-shelled capsules which are used for powdered ingredients or miniature pellets

Soft-shelled capsules which are used for oils

Both the above capsule shells are made from Aqueous solutions like Animal Protein or Plant extracts or their derivatives.


The animal protein extract which is mainly Gelatin, is derived from the skin, bones and body tissues of Cattle, Chicken, Pig and Fish,


The main plant extract used for making capsule shells is Cellulose.


In addition to the above, various gelling agents (plasticizers) like Glycerin / sorbitol, coloring agents, preservatives, disintegrants, lubricants and surface treatment is done to the Capsule Shell.


The shell of the capsule is water soluble and bio degradable. Once you consume the capsule, the shell of the capsule disintegrates and dissolves in the body fluids.


Please find the time lapsed video of how a capsule get dissolved in Water.


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Tipay Esguerra

Tipay Esguerra, former Manager - Reporting at Convergys (2012-2017)

Answered Nov 19, 2017 · Upvoted by Ricardo Strang, MD, MSc., Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon. Full member os Brazilian Society of Plastic Surgery. … · Author has 96 answers and 43.8k answer views

The plastic capsules are designed to melt upon ingestion. It is also designed to melt in a specific area in the digestive track, so depending on how the medicine is meant to work, the medicine can be released in the stomach or the intestines or wherever it’s meant to be released.


So best to not tamper with capsules.


Same concept with pills, tablets, and caplets — if you notice, medicine comes in different forms and sizes because it’s meant to interact with our body so that medicine is released at a specific time or portion of our body.

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